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COVID-19 quarantine & a New Virtual Class!

At the moment I’m writing this, we are deep in the middle of a global pandemic no one saw coming. All of our lives have changed immediately, where safety and health suddenly became a top priority. We went from driving to work, going to concerts, gathering at conferences, and other large group events, to being stationed in our homes. What a huge collective shift for all of us!

If you’re like me, the sleeping in is nice and the added family bonding time is good. But you might feel like you’re moving less and eating more (there’s a reason why they call it comfort food, right?). I’m not here to lay on guilt or shame, because we are in unusual times. I’m feeling the slump myself where my motivation comes and goes.


I’d like to instead invite you to join me in moving a little bit more during your day. Take a walk outside (in many places we are enjoying improved air quality), enjoy a weights routine outdoors, work on the front yard or garden, play some music and dance along (you know you wanna!). If you're seeking additional guidance and accountability, learn more about private online training sessions here. Another great way to get moving is joining an online fitness class; many studios are offering online classes on Zoom to support their clientele while we are all away from the studio. Even better than a typical workout video, you can be observed by the instructor and receive immediate feedback. I’ve had many people say they work harder when they know the teacher is watching.

I work for multiple studios who are really concerned about their customer’s well-being and strive to provide the best times and formats to help people feel well in their bodies. While I miss being with everyone in person, I love to see all your familiar faces and hear how you’re doing.

As an independent contractor and owner of a small training business myself, I’m feeling the pay cut pinch in addition to another job loss in my household. I’m really hoping we can gather together soon — safely, of course — and enjoy each other’s presence! I wish for brighter days ahead even as our future has become uncertain.


In the meantime, I would love to have you join me in a new virtual class, Pilates Toning, starting this Monday! This class is inspired by the key Pilates principles of balance, control, flow, breath, alignment, precision and centering. Pilates experience is helpful but not essential to get started. This workout will help you to strengthen your core and entire body. You'll finish feeling energized and refreshed after a tough-but-doable 55 minutes.

Screenshot from a Live Zoom workout

Pilates toning is a barefoot toning class. Exercises are a fusion of barre, yoga, functional training and classical Pilates mat moves. Join us to get strong at home and feel better in your own skin!

We will start on April 13 at 9:00 MST and continue every Monday until further notice. Move along with all of us in real time! We will use an online videoconferencing tool called Zoom, available on your laptop or mobile device. A mat and chair are recommended equipment for this workout class. We will also use light hand weights as resistance, and 16oz water bottles also work great.

Click this link to join in, up to 15 minutes before class begins. This gives us time to send a release form along with a class link and password.

The cost for this class is up to you: as a reference, single class drop-ins where I teach range from $8-25. I didn’t want price to be an obstacle to participation and we are all in unique economic circumstances. So we simply say, “pay what you can,” no questions asked. Thank you for your continued support and watch this space for future class updates! Stay healthy and well my friends!


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