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5 Reasons to Start a Pilates Practice

Why should you try pilates *today*? There are 5 great reasons why people take up pilates as a practice in their fitness routines. Some might surprise you!

1. No equipment required: you can easily practice Pilates mat exercises at home, no fancy machines necessary! The traditional mat sequence can really help you break a sweat. A yoga mat or other soft surface is all you need to start learning pilates exercises at home. Here’s a list of recommended videos and books to inspire your journey. [affiliate link]

woman practicing pilates at home
Shoulder Bridge - Pilates mat

2. Pilates can strengthen your core: Your body’s “core” is a short way to describe the muscles of your torso including abdominals and back. These muscles can feel weak due to inactivity, sitting jobs, pregnancy, and the normal aging process. The good news: you can regain strength with Pilates’ core exercises. A strong core can help you learn to move safely through life’s demands. Whether you’re picking up heavy boxes or your newest grandchild, a regular Pilates practice can help you experience less discomfort.

When you hold small children, who could weigh anywhere from 10-50 pounds, you'll need a strong core!
A strong core helps you to hold the little ones in your life with ease!

3. Any “body” can do Pilates! Even if you have a specific condition or concern, you can safely practice under the guidance of a certified instructor. You can look for a Pilates Teacher certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, also designated as a CPT (certified pilates teacher) or NCPT. It’s important to remember: always obtain permission FIRST from your doctor before starting a new exercise plan. A teacher with the right experience and training can then teach people with any of the following: carpal tunnel, knee replacements, low back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, prenatal and postpartum conditions, plus many more! An experienced teacher can help you move in a supportive way towards better mobility and fitness.

Runners love how Pilates can improve recovery times and personal records
Runners can improve their recovery times and PR with regular Pilates

4. Pilates can improve any fitness plan, activity or sport: If you work out regularly you probably know flexibility training is important. But we often ignore this crucial piece! Pilates beautifully blends flexibility exercises with strength training. In other words, you get strong as you stretch. The result? Many people report improved running times, faster recovery after a tough gym workout, better endurance on the field, and more agility on the tennis court. Pilates offers excellent cross-training for walking, hiking, running, cycling, swimming, even surfing the web and more.

[side note: many people, myself included, practice Pilates almost exclusively. They feel the practice as “just right” for their busy lives, because…]

People stay committed to Pilates for for the wellness benefits.
Feel fantastic in your body with Pilates!

5. Pilates WORKS! You’ll love how a regular practice helps you to feel better in your own skin. But may I talk real with you for a moment? It's an common goal to wish for a toned, trim body, so many people try Pilates to achieve a certain physical appearance. They usually see a benefit after 20-30 sessions. A solid Pilates practice can create a flatter appearance through the abdominals (something I didn't think possible after 4 kids, thanks to Pilates), can tone muscles, and enhance your posture. An aesthetic goal is an honest reason to get started.

But I've noticed something more meaningful after years of teaching: Those who become "Pilates lifers" feel the benefits as an improved quality of life and spirit. They practice to stay flexible and free in their joints and experience less stiffness. They feel more graceful, agile, and youthful. "Lifers" know a few weeks away from their practice can leave them feeling unhappy and sore. They're excited to return to their mats to feel free again!

It’s no accident: Joseph Pilates’ original intent was to heal bedridden soldiers through exercise, and later opening a groundbreaking fitness studio in NYC to help injured professional dancers. Pilates' original methods have improved the bodies and lives of millions of people worldwide. Done with consistency, this 100+ year-old practice will make a difference for you. If you're ready to commit to showing up for practice regularly, you’ll LOVE how you look and feel!

Ready to get started? We offer Pilates equipment and mat training in Lehi, American Fork, and Highland, Utah Our cozy basement studio features contemporary Pilates reformers and towers plus traditional fitness equipment.

Whether you’re a beginner student or experienced Pilates fan, we can help you feel and see the benefits in your own body. If you’re looking to take your Pilates practice to the next level, let’s talk. Reach out through our contact form or book a new student special today!

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